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Julie Roubal


"Your glass might feel half empty or half full, but what's important to remember is that your glass is refillable!" unkn. In life, there will be times where we face different obstacles, but we have the ability to overcome those obstacles and re-fill our own glass. This might feel difficult to overcome alone, and it's also hard to help your child without professional support. It's important to seek extra support, and to model to your child that it's ok to ask for help. My goal as your child's therapist is to provide your family unit with support by teaching coping and communication skills, and to build confidence implementing them.

My approach is very individualized, person-centered. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and creative interventions with my clients. It's my belief that each client is unique and so should be the therapy process. I offer a creative, safe, fun, and non-judgmental space to address the needs the child (and parent) wants to work on.

Going to therapy can be scary; it's showing a stranger a vulnerable side of you that you might keep hidden. And, t's often an unknown and unfamiliar environment for a child or teenager. In my role as a therapist, I will always see you, hear you, and give you space to just be you. It will be my privilege to support you and your child on journey of growth.

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I feel it is important to connect with the right therapist, because it takes a lot of courage to reach out for help. I understand this process can be overwhelming and, at times, unsettling. I am a warm and inviting clinician, and I am interested in you as you are, unconditionally. There are many beautiful moments in life, and sometimes we have to work through messy and complicated things to see that beauty. I am here to support you through both life's unexpected events and ordinary stressors that may blur your vision and impair your ability to see your joy and your gifts. I hold a non-judgmental space for you be vulnerable.
I value the therapeutic relationship and respect the uniqueness of each person. I utilize a holistic approach, merging talk therapy and relationship building, with CBT's cognitive challenging and restructuring, with the creativity of art, movement, and breath work. This allows clients of all ages to explore vulnerability from different angles.
A strong therapeutic relationship is key to successful therapy. You have to trust your therapist with the most delicate parts of yourself in order to be able to explore the deepest parts of yourself. I believe I am a well-qualified source of support, and I look forward to seeing if you agree. Come as you are and let’s explore life’s journey together.

Top Specialties

Behavioral Issues


Coping Skills
Emotional Disturbance
Family Conflict
Life Transitions
School Issues
Self Esteem


In the therapeutic safe space, a person can expect to process their experiences and emotions, while also developing skills to help them in their daily lives. Julie’s therapeutic approach would be described as integrative, using different approaches depending on the client and their needs. Her belief is that therapy approaches should be flexible; it’s not “one size fits all” because everyone is different. Julie uses different components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Expressive Arts when working with children and adolescents.

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