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Aimee Duax


Aimee Duax is a provisionally licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher whose nearly 20 years in the field have been dedicated to working with individuals in a variety of settings. Most recently, Aimee is passionate about providing individual therapy in private practice. She specializes in emerging adults and adults in all phases of life, and addresses distress caused by burnout, life transitions, unresolved childhood trauma, or challenging relationships. She provides mindfulness-based and trauma-informed care from a person-centered approach.

Authenticity and Connection

Aimee is not exempt from the human experience and brings her full Self to each session. Attuned to you, her goal is for you to feel seen, heard, and understood, and most importantly, walking away confident and hopeful for change. In addition to cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy skills, Aimee shares experiential practices for self-compassion, including self-regulation through breathwork or movement. Tapping into your already present strengths or inclinations, she will listen deeply and be right there with you, as you guide yourself back to your true Self.

Top Specialties

Women's Issues


Coping Skills
Emotional Disturbance
Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Trauma and PTSD


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver. You are ready to stop getting by and to start enjoying your life. Your tried-and-true practices are no longer working. You want and need new coping skills to handle what you’re faced with today. Anxious thoughts or low mood are having a bigger impact on your relationships or daily routines than you thought, and it is time to make a change. Your body is sending you signals you can no longer ignore.
From a mindfulness perspective, we will uncover your needs and reveal patterns and behaviors that don't serve you. We will identify roadblocks to your well-being, and collaborate to improve your quality of life and sense of Self. Mindfulness, breath-work, and experiential practices will serve to teach you to set boundaries and regulate your nervous system.
As a therapist, I intend to know you as fully as possible, creating a unique space to process the why and collaborate on the how. We will explore your past or current stressors and create pathways toward healing. Reaching out can be difficult, I am here to walk you through the process. I want you to feel seen and heard, as well as, confident and hopeful.

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