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Jennifer Mena


Child Therapist

I believe in the power of building strong therapeutic relationships with my clients. This rapport is essential for establishing treatment needs and goals. Through a strengths-based and culturally sensitive approach, I prioritize supporting clients during challenging times. I utilize various evidence-based therapies to best meet each client's individual needs and goals. These therapies may include solution-focused therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and family systems approaches.

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I am a passionate person who naturally helps others. As the oldest sister of seven, I was the sibling who helped my mother a lot with my siblings. As the oldest sister, conversing with anyone about my emotions and thoughts was challenging. I strived to be the therapist I wished I had as a child/teenager.
As a dedicated therapist, I am passionate about helping clients gain clarity, achieve their goals, understand their emotions, and build healthy relationships. I believe we all can create our happiness and the privilege to enjoy life.

Over the past seven years, I've been privileged enough to work with unaccompanied minors and
their families. I had access to a wide variety of development and professional opportunities that
have made me enhance my clinical knowledge. I attended almost every training opportunity I had to strive for growth and improvement as a professional. During those seven years, I also had the opportunity to facilitate weekly clinical group with the minors. Last year, I decided to leave
the residential setting and move forward with private practice to enhance my clinical tools with adolescents, young adults, and older adults.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Northeastern University. After graduating in May, I started graduate school that same summer. I was eager to obtain my master’s degree; I did not take a school break. I obtained my master’s degree in social work at Dominican University
with a concentration in Child Development. During graduate school, I also study abroad in Guatemala. During my internship as a graduate student, I had the privilege of being accepted into a residential program for unaccompanied minors to provide counseling services in English and
Spanish. After the internship was over, I was offered a full-time job as a clinician. I accepted the position and worked in the residential setting for seven years. During those seven years, I gained confidence, improved self-awareness, enhanced my clinical knowledge, and maintained a work-life balance.

I worked with minors with severe trauma and experiences of abuse/neglect for seven years. Building rapport with the minors was very important for me.

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