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Dr. Katie Germain


School Psychologist

My priority as a therapist is to foster a safe and inclusive environment for my clients and their families by building authentic and trusting therapeutic relationships. I practice from an individualized, integrative approach, using various evidence-based treatments to support individuals. My intentions are for my clients to gain more insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Restorative practices. I enjoy working with individuals presenting with anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder, trauma, ADHD, OCD, behavioral challenges, school refusal, and more. I have extensive training working with youth ages five to young adulthood. Additionally, I conduct comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational assessment for social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and intellectual disorders.   

I became interested in psychology in high school due to my own personal experiences, curiosity about the mind, and what drives people's behavior. As I furthered my studies, I realized how much I enjoyed learning about therapy practices and being involved in the evaluation process. I love being able to connect with individuals and offer them support in any way that I can. I'm a strong advocate for mental health and find it very rewarding helping others improve their quality of life by building life skills and feeling better about themselves. 

While in college, I was unsure whether I wanted to study school psychology or clinical psychology in graduate school. I decided to study school psychology due to my passions in advocacy work, the diagnostic process, and implementation of interventions to address educational, behavioral, and/or developmental challenges children are impacted by. 


Throughout my graduate school experience, I trained in a general education setting and multiple therapeutic day school settings. I found that working in therapeutic settings further solidified my desire to facilitate a safe, calming, and nurturing space for others. Resultantly, I broadened my trainings from school settings to completing a postdoctoral fellowship in a private practice setting. These experiences as an evolving clinician and my own personal experiences helped shape my inclination to help others address and cope with root causes of stress and difficult emotions, as well as form better relationships with themselves. 

Psychological Testing



Intellectual disabilities


Child, Adolescent

Young Adult




Behavior Disorder


If someone was to ask you what they should know before going - what would you tell them? 

When people picture therapy, they often imagine a person laying on a comfortable couch sharing confidential information with their therapist. Okay...image that, but ten times better.


Therapy is a place where you can be your true, authentic self. It is a place where you are seen, heard, and understood. Your therapist is there to be your person, aide you in self-exploration and growth, and engage you in skills that aim to help you through life's challenges. Therapy is about YOU.


My goals as a therapist are to highlight my clients' strengths, focus on their perspectives, and promote positive changes. Therapy can be fun. It can be comforting. It can also be challenging as you open up and learn to take better care of your social and emotional needs. Ultimately, therapy is an incredible step to reach a healthier you and I am proud of you for working toward that goal!

Fun Fact

I love baking, being outdoors, and Paul Rudd!

If you were an emoji (or series of emoji's), which one(s)?


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